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What you will find here:

The otagothesis package for Otago University Departments that use Harvard-style
citations, by Nathan Rountree <>

The distribution includes a Makefile to save all the typing you usually
have to do to compile a LaTeX document.

If you want to take a look at the thesis template immediately:
type "make".

To check out the example thesis (which shows you how to do bibliographic
references and suchlike), change to the example_document directory
and type "make".

There is one critical file in the distribution:
There are others which will make like easier if they are part of your
Latex distribution:

It is a good idea to have a $HOME/tex directory in which you put the
otagothesis.sty file.  To do this:

  Create a directory "$HOME/tex" or similar.
  Put the otagothesis.sty file in it.
  Set the following environment variables in .cshrc or .bash_profile:
  BSTINPUTS=:$HOME/tex  (useful if you ever use something other than
plainnat.bst to format your bibliographies.)

The leading colon (":") ensures that the system path already associated
with TEXINPUTS doesn't get lost.

In the example_document directory you will find a long-ish document
which shows you how to include bibliographic references, figures and tables
properly.  It also shows you some easy ways of doing code-listings and
code-dumps for appendices.

The otagothesis package is known to work under linux and MacOsX, under the
TeTeX distribution.