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Ahava's dialogue is finished.

parent 103ab71d
......@@ -3,21 +3,12 @@
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workbench ActiveDocument="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SilasSpeech.cs">
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/SpawnKeys.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/TriggerManager.cs" Line="143" Column="32" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/MimeMime.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/SongSelect.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/PieScripts/Pie.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/LevelManager.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/PieScripts/throwManager.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/DaytimeManager.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterInteractions.cs" Line="96" Column="22" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/AhavaSpeech.cs" Line="74" Column="13" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/JohnSmithSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MenuScripts/MainMenu.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MenuScripts/PauseMenu.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/GameManager.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/PaperSpeech.cs" Line="66" Column="15" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SilasSpeech.cs" Line="67" Column="39" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/TriggerManager.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/PaperSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/PaperController.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/IntroTent.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/AhavaSpeech.cs" Line="140" Column="55" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SilasSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workspace ActiveConfiguration="Debug" />
......@@ -27,16 +27,16 @@ public class AhavaSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
return "Hello? I wasnt expecting any new performers today.";
} else if (GameManager.ConversationStage == 2) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "stage 2 greeting response" };
currentResponses = new string[] { "Thanks", "It was nothing", "I could have done better!" };
return "well done on your performances!";
} else if (GameManager.ConversationStage == 3) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "stage 3 greeting response" };
return "stage 3 greeting";
currentResponses = new string[] { "I wouldn't say that", "That's me", "Understatement much?" };
return "Hey there hotshot";
} else if (GameManager.ConversationStage == 4) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "stage 4 greeting response" };
return "stage 4 greeting";
currentResponses = new string[] { "Give her one of Simon's patented bear hugs", "What's the matter?", "try not to notice"};
return "*Ahava seems to be crying*";
return "Something has gone terribly wrong: The stage is: " + GameManager.ConversationStage;
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ public class AhavaSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
public string nothingMoreToSay() {
currentResponses = new string[] { };
currentResponses = new string[] {"...", "....", "....." };
if (Random.Range(0, 1f) < 0.5) {
return "my beard grows tired of your chitter chatter";
} else {
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ public class AhavaSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
//GameManager.speechState will be the size of the queue when this dequeued
//make sure to change the check integer in CharacterInteractins when changing dialogue
conversation.Enqueue("Since your now one of us, what shall your stage name be?");
conversation.Enqueue("Since you're now one of us, what shall your stage name be?");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] {"Thats me!"});
conversation.Enqueue("How about we call you John Smith instead");
......@@ -121,21 +121,73 @@ public class AhavaSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
private void conversationStage2() {
conversation.Enqueue("youre fitting in nicely here " + GameManager.playerName + ", you remind me of Myself when i was younger");
conversation.Enqueue("You're fitting in nicely here " + GameManager.playerName + ", you remind me of Myself when i was younger");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "great", "you were young once?", "thanks mum" });
conversation.Enqueue("Back in my day, I was the talk of the circus, people came from miles around to see the luscious Baird");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "It's still pretty luscious", "What's a mile?", "It's just hair on your face..." });
conversation.Enqueue("If you keep up the good work maybe you can become half as good as me *wink*");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Wow, you think so?!", "Are you hitting on me?", "I think I'm gonna have to talk to my union rep" });
conversation.Enqueue("Of course, you'd need someone great to help you get there");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "You seem pretty great *smile*", "Maybe Simon can help me?", "I'll be fine by myself" });
conversation.Enqueue("You are growing on me, so maybe if you do some more performances I'll consider taking you under my beard");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "I hope I can be as good as you!", "That sounds unhygenic", "I think I'd prefer Simon" });
conversation.Enqueue("You'd better get in there then!");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Yes mam!", "maybe...", "Yes sir!" });
private void conversationStage3()
conversation.Enqueue("Stage 3 conversation stuff");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Stage 3 response 1", "stage 3 resposne 2" });
conversation.Enqueue("Don't you think you're getting a bit ahead of yourself?");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "What do you mean?", "The show must go on", "The show must go on, with me to lead it." });
conversation.Enqueue("You just wouldn't want to wear out the crowd, is all, might be too much for them.");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "But they love it", "I don't see why I should stop", "Don't tell me what to do Dad!" });
conversation.Enqueue("I'm just saying, the crowd can only handle so much pizzazz, and I already put out more than enough.");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "But everyone loves pizza?", "What's a pizzazz?", "Maybe it's time for you to get out the razor" });
conversation.Enqueue("Be careful Dennnnnis, you're messing with the wrong bearded lady... also the only... bearded lady, people trust in the Baird, Baird is the word");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "I just wanna be friends", "I'm still confused", "*Give her the bird*, the bird is the word" });
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "=(", "*Back away slowly*", "Sing 'Let it go'" });
private void conversationStage4()
conversation.Enqueue("Stage 4 conversation stuff");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Stage 4 response 1", "stage 4 resposne 2" });
conversation.Enqueue("Oh, it's you *wipes tears with beard*");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "What's wrong?", "would you prefer a tissue?", "What are you crying for?" });
conversation.Enqueue("Why do you care? Congratulations on becoming the best performer I guess");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "its a Baird shave beard world out there", "I don't hate you, we're friends", "Thanks" });
conversation.Enqueue("It's just, people used to come for miles to see my beard, and now its like they don't see me");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "I think you're great!", "People still like you", "What's a mile?" });
conversation.Enqueue("You're joking like John does, I can tell, I mean, I've never even actually performed");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Well.. we only had three weeks", "But you hold the circus together", "So you just stand here all day?" });
conversation.Enqueue("The only time I moved from this spot was when you first arrived, I don't even have a walk animation");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "That's weird, I can't seem to stop moving", "at least you're not stuck unicycling", "You're like a beardtastic statue" });
conversation.Enqueue("Can I tell you a secret?");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "yes", "yes", "YES but in capitals" });
conversation.Enqueue("This beard isn't mine, it's Simon's... well... that's all you need to know");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "I'm sure you're still beautiful without it", "Is that what that bald patch is?", "I don't like where this is going" });
conversation.Enqueue("Here, take this, it's dangerous to go alone");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "...", "this is the end?", "this really isn't necessary" });
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ public class SilasSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
public string ProximityMessage(){
currentResponses = new string[] { "yes, me, i did", "Sorry, I get confused about the size of my invisible car", "*try to keep quiet*" };
currentResponses = new string[] { };
return "did someone enter my invisible box!";
public string butthurtGoodbye(){
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