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Simon's dialogue done

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......@@ -2,15 +2,12 @@
<MonoDevelop.Ide.ItemProperties.Assembly-CSharp PreferredExecutionTarget="Unity.Editor" />
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workbench ActiveDocument="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SimonSpeech.cs">
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/SpawnKeys.cs" Line="123" Column="93" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/TriggerManager.cs" Line="143" Column="32" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/MimeMime.cs" Line="63" Column="84" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/MimeScripts/SongSelect.cs" Line="75" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/PieScripts/Pie.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/TrapezeScripts/FollowPlayerx.cs" Line="49" Column="40" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/TrapezeScripts/FollowPlayerx.cs" Line="48" Column="54" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/TrapezeScripts/TrapezeController.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/TrapezeScripts/TrapezeTutorial.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SimonSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SimonSpeech.cs" Line="109" Column="40" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/Character.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/AhavaSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workspace ActiveConfiguration="Debug" />
......@@ -27,15 +27,15 @@ public class SimonSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
} else if ((int)GameManager.getLevel(getName()) == 2) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "Can I get my fez now?" };
return "Grr! (Hello again! Back for some more trivia?)";
return "Grr! (Hello again! Having fun?)";
} else if ((int)GameManager.getLevel(getName()) == 3) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "stage 3 greeting response" };
return "stage 3 (hello) grr";
currentResponses = new string[] { "Hi, Simon!" };
return "GrrRRR! (Welcome back, friend!)";
} else if ((int)GameManager.getLevel(getName()) == 4) {
currentResponses = new string[] { "stage 4 greeting response" };
return "stage 4 (hello) grr";
currentResponses = new string[] { "It's me again!" };
return "grrRr (It's the mighty Pie-Thrower!)";
return "Something has gone terribly wrong: The stage is: " + GameManager.ConversationStage;
......@@ -100,19 +100,19 @@ public class SimonSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
conversation.Enqueue("grR (It's great to have some new blood in the circus!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "...", "Come again?" });
conversation.Enqueue("GrR (My name is Anton Grrkov, but people around here call me Simon for some reason)");
conversation.Enqueue("grrR (We haven't had anyone new join in ages! Most people seem to run away when they see me...)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "Umm", "I don't speak Bear" });
conversation.Enqueue("gRR (Would you like to hear some interesting facts? I'm like a trivia machine!)");
conversation.Enqueue("GrR (My name is Anton Grrkov, but people around here call me Simon for some reason)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "You sound funny", "I like your fez" });
conversation.Enqueue("GRr (Did you know that polar bears are the largest terrestrial carnivores on Earth?)");
conversation.Enqueue("GRr (But yes! It's great to have you in our circus now!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "Sorta... non-bearish", "Will I get a fez too?" });
conversation.Enqueue("GRR (Have you heard of monocycles? They've got one wheel like my unicycle, except you sit INSIDE the wheel!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "...", "Do you have fezes in colours other than red?" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr (Feel free to come talk to me if you ever want to hear more fascinating facts!)");
conversation.Enqueue("Grr (Feel free to come talk to me any time! I've always got time for new friends)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR", "...", "I think a green fez would really suit me" });
} else {
conversation.Enqueue("grr (You should talk to the BEARded lady over there)");
......@@ -121,33 +121,66 @@ public class SimonSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
private void conversationStage2() {
conversation.Enqueue("gRr (What would you like to learn about today?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GrrR", "Space!", "What's with all the trivia?" });
conversation.Enqueue("gRr (You throw pies like a champion!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GrrR", "Thanks!", "It's almost like I can understand what you're saying" });
conversation.Enqueue("grrrr (If the largest known star was where the sun is, it would reach to Jupiter's orbit!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GrRrR", "That's huge!", "Could I ask you s-" });
conversation.Enqueue("grrrr (I'm not that great with throwing things, to be honest, but being a target is plenty fun too!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GrRrR", "You're a pretty smooth mover on your unicycle", "I'd rather throw pies than get hit by them" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grr (In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Russian monarchy spoke French instead of Russian!");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grr?", "That's...random", "Just let me say t-" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grr (I originally wanted to be a juggler, but that's easier said than done with big bear paws)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grr?", "Aww, that sucks", "Unicycling is much cooler" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr (Did you know that there's a kind of shark that lives for up to 500 years?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "stage 2 grr?" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr (Is that your real hair?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "grrRRRr", "Doesn't it look real?", "I'm all natural, promise!" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr (in stage 2)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "stage 2 grr?" });
conversation.Enqueue("grRR (No offense meant! It's just that I've seen many a wig like your 'do)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grrgrr", "It's okay, I get it a lot", "It's a nightmare to comb" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr... (I like you, I feel like I could really start opening up to you!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "stage 2 grr?" });
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "grrr", "You're really cool too!", "You're the nicest bear I've ever met" });
private void conversationStage3() {
conversation.Enqueue("Stage 3 conversation grr");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Stage 3 response 1", "stage 3 resposne 2" });
conversation.Enqueue("grrrr (So, where would you guess I come from?");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRRRR", "Russia?", "The woods?" });
conversation.Enqueue("GRR! (Close! The proud nation of Arstotzka! *salutes*)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "grrRrrrR", "Never heard of it", "Glory to Arstotzka!" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grrr (Though I must admit that life isn't all that great there, even for a celebrity like me)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grrrg", "You're a celebrity?", "Better not hear the Glorious Leader hear that" });
conversation.Enqueue("grrR (I wouldn't recommend it for a holiday: border control alone is a nightmare)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "grrRR", "It really doesn't sound inviting", "Cobrastan is nice this time of year, isn't it?" });
conversation.Enqueue("gRr... (I'm much happier here, though! Even if I did have to leave my celebrity status behind)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GrRrR", "Yeah, it's not bad here", "I'm glad to hear it!" });
conversation.Enqueue("grr... (Ahava's been great to me but you seem to be shining a little to bright for her, if you get what I mean)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "grrr", "I hadn't noticed...", "She seems to be getting a bit grumpy, I guess" });
private void conversationStage4() {
conversation.Enqueue("Stage 4 conversation grr");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Stage 4 response 1", "stage 4 resposne 2" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grr! (Have you talked to Ahava lately?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grr?", "Yeah, she doesn't seem herself", "No, why?" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grrgrr (You seem to be taking a bit of her limelight)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRrR", "I didn't mean to...", "Mmm...lime..." });
conversation.Enqueue("gRrRRR (Maybe you should talk to her about it some time)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grr!", "I suppose I should", "What if I don't want to?" });
conversation.Enqueue("gRR (But I'm just a bear, what do I know?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grrr...", "More than 'just a bear'!", "Wait, you're a bear?" });
conversation.Enqueue("Grr! (I can't even speak!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Grrrr", "But I'm talking to you!", "I knew there was something odd about you" });
conversation.Enqueue("gRRrRR (Everything I've been saying has been in your head!)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "GRR!", "In my head, you say?", "That explains a lot" });
conversation.Enqueue("GrrrrR (The only way this could be weirder is if I was just some pixels roughly in the shape of a bear)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Umm...grr?", "That's just silly", "Now that you say that..." });
public string[] getResponses() {
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