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Added game control Easter egg dialogue

parent cfea1d3a
<Properties StartupConfiguration="{67A4F128-F6AC-CD88-DA35-F29416A0792A}|">
<MonoDevelop.Ide.ItemProperties.Assembly-CSharp PreferredExecutionTarget="Unity.Editor" />
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workbench ActiveDocument="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/JohnSmithSpeech.cs">
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workbench ActiveDocument="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SimonSpeech.cs">
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/AhavaSpeech.cs" Line="140" Column="55" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SilasSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/JohnSmithSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/AhavaSpeech.cs" Line="188" Column="75" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SilasSpeech.cs" Line="33" Column="117" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/JohnSmithSpeech.cs" Line="234" Column="113" />
<File FileName="Assets/Scripts/DaytimeScripts/CharacterSpeech/SimonSpeech.cs" Line="1" Column="1" />
<MonoDevelop.Ide.Workspace ActiveConfiguration="Debug" />
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ public class AhavaSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
currentResponses = new string[] {"...", "....", "....." };
if (Random.Range(0, 1f) < 0.5) {
return "My beard grows tired of your chitter chatter";
} else if (Random.Range(0,1f)> 0.95){
return "By the way, be careful out there: one of the others might tell you a little lie";
} else {
return "Dennnnnis the mennnnnis!";
......@@ -232,5 +232,8 @@ public class JohnSmithSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
conversation.Enqueue("You'll always be welcome to come trapezing with me, friend. I'll see you later!");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Take care up there!", "It's always a pleasure!", "Yeah, sure, bye!" });
conversation.Enqueue("Oh, by the way, probably no one has told you but you can sprint by hitting left shift");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Why wasn't I told?", "When in this game would you need to sprint?", "*Suspicious look*" });
......@@ -240,6 +240,9 @@ public class SilasSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
conversation.Enqueue("Now, how about talking about some fun stuff?");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "*Listens more carefully than normal*", "*'Mimes' a bored expression jokingly*", "Please, don't let me stop you" });
conversation.Enqueue("Speaking of, try hitting left control some time: it will let you crouch!");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "*'Mimes' crouching*", "Sweet! Thanks for the tip?", "Uh huh?" });
private void loadTutorialConversation()
......@@ -181,6 +181,9 @@ public class SimonSpeech : MonoBehaviour, Character {
conversation.Enqueue("GrrrrR (The only way this could be weirder is if I was just some pixels roughly in the shape of a bear)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Umm...grr?", "That's just silly", "Now that you say that..." });
conversation.Enqueue("GrrRR (Also, did you know that you can jump by hitting the spacebar?)");
responseQueue.Enqueue(new string[] { "Why didn't the game tell me that?", "Is there any point?", "Are you sure about that?" });
public string[] getResponses() {
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