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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Ever wanted to be the greatest circus performer of all time? Well, here\'92s your chance! Start your journey as the newest member of the crew and climb the carnival ladder, meeting some weird and wonderful characters along the way! And remember there\'92s no failure at the circus, only fun!\
Daytime scene - A and D (or left and right) to move, W (or up) to interact, 1,2,3 to choose dialogue options\
Pie Throwing - Space down to set angle, space up to set power and to throw \
MimeMime - QWER or WASD (or arrow keys) to hit the notes\
Trapeze - A and D to swing and rotate in mid-air, space to let go of trapeze \
General - Esc to access pause menu\
Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod and\
Sound effects courtesy of}
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